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Learn where Astro Web Development Studio's started how they work and what they can do for you.

Welcome to Astro Web. Astro Web is a leading design & development agency based in Johannesburg South Africa. Developing & Designing the most cutting edge websites, branding and mobile apps for its customers. Astro Web use a very clear process to get your website, branding or website designed, build and launched with massive speed and stability.

The Astro Web Process:

A project with Astro Web is a easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 !!

Planning at Astro Web

1. Planning

From the first mind map to the final site map, Astro Web plan every website covering all its requirements and needs. Astro Web believe that planning can make or break your website and its turnaround time, by having a plan you have a road map to success.

Design at Astro Web

2. Designing

Astro Web design your website with your brand and message in mind and with a very clean and easy to use user interface & experience. Astro Web believe in its designs and take to time to design a competitive & beautiful looking site that is relative to your market & customers.

Development at Astro Web

3. Developing

Astro Web develop every site with strong, clean and professional code that is guaranteed to work for years to come. Astro Web believe in testing all code to make sure that it will work for years and also run in a fast & efficient manner.

Analysing & Tracking at Astro Web

4. Analysing

Astro Web analyse your website for 3 months and send you a copy of your website results every month. After 3 months of your site being live it is reviewed and you receive a report and what are the next steps to take. Astro Web believe that analysing a website is so important that they offer customer website analysing 100% free of charge.


“To have every business in South African empowered by technology and innovation.”


To use technology, processes, creativity and knowledge to build the best products and offer the best customer service in the media industry all at the best price possible.


Astro Webs Skills and Expertise:

Astro Web has a wealth of experience in design, development.

  • Website Design 95%
  • Website Development 98%
  • Branding Design 92%
  • Mobile Design & Development 90%

What People Are Saying About Astro Web

See what other people are saying about Astro Web

From all of us at S&T Music we’d like to thank you for your help in our social media department. We are extremely happy with our web page design and the way it is being hosted, we can’t thank you enough. You have shown great professionalism and always fast and friendly service. Your assistance and willingness to help us (even in our most ignorant of times), shows us that you have a great care for what you do and genuinely care about your clients. You have great integrity in your work and we are thankful for your services and constant assistance with even the smallest updates. You have shown us what customer care truly means and we ourselves can learn from your business ethic.

Mark Trump (Owner)

We have had an extremely positive experience in working with Astroweb.co.za. Astro Web has a tremendous work ethic and is highly skilled at web development and numerous other web applications. He also possesses a brilliant eye for design and takes the time to find out exactly what your project needs are and always keeps you updated as to the progress of you project. Highly recommended!!

Tim Pearson (Co-Founder Where to bank)